General Rules

                                                                        General Rules


                                                                  Rule Book Disclaimer


The rules and/or regulations set forth herein are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of racing events to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all events, and by participating in these events, all participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. No express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publication of or compliance with these rules and/or regulations. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of the sport and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to a participant, spectator, or official.



                                                            GENERAL RULES



This general rule section applies to each and every person as well as track personnel. YOU ARE EXPECTED TO KNOW THE RULES!!


 1. We expect courteous conduct from all participants at all times. Every participant is expected to conduct themselves in a manner which will promote a positive image for the track and motorsports as a whole. Profanity, obscene, or improper behavior in front of race fans, officials, or management will NOT be tolerated.

 2. If at any time your dress, actions, or conduct are not in the best interest of the track, its fans, competitors, or the sport of auto racing, you must leave the grounds and suspension or disbarment may result.

 3. The track is private property, through your admission ticket, you have been given authority and the right to be on this property in conjunction with the racing activities. However, the management of the track reserves the right to revoke and cancel this right at any time it is determined that your presence or conduct is detrimental to the track, the sport of auto racing, your fellow competitors, the fans or the management of the track.

 4. Drivers are responsible for their crews, family members, and anyone known to be associated in any way with the car.

 5. Any person entering the pit area must sign a release and purchase a pit pass before entering the pits. Releases must be signed by the individual entering the pit area, except for minors, who must be accompanied by a guardian or parent. All persons in the pit area must have their pit pass in their possession and visible at all times. Pit passes must be worn on the purchaser's arm or belt loop. NO EXCEPTIONS!

 6. Any person who encourages or takes part in adverse demonstrations or fighting on the track or surrounding premises before, during, or after a racing event shall be subject to arrest, fine, immediate suspension and/or loss of prize money and all championship points that have been earned. Track insurance EXCLUDES bodily injury or property damage as a result of fighting. Minimum fine is $100.00. This also applies to any person going to another person's pit area using profanity, obscene gestures, provoking and/or starting a fight.

 7. Any person who shall commit assault or threaten to do bodily harm to any track official or any other person under their orders, shall be barred from competition at the track and/or subject to prosecution.

 8. Any unsportsmanlike conduct at the track will not be tolerated and disciplinary action will be taken: up to and including permanent suspension and arrest of all parties involved.

 9. THE DRINKING OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES OR USE OF CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES BY ANYONE WILL NOT BE ALLOWED. In the event a violation involving a controlled substance is discovered, the proper authorities will be notified.

10. The display or use of any type of weapon at any time will result in the suspension of all parties involved and the arrest of all parties involved.

11. Any disagreement over technical questions or decisions will be resolved by the officials and management of the track. When their decision is rendered it is FINAL and binding and no further discussion will take place.

12. Management and officials will determine all finishing positions and their decision is final.

13. It is suggested that someone of your pit crew stay with your car at all times while it is in the pit area.

14. All track rules will be interpreted as track management interprets them. In addition, THE TRACK MANAGEMENT RESERVES THE RIGHT TO TECH ANY CAR AT ANY TIME.

15. The TOP THREE (3) finishers, at a minimum, will be thoroughly checked after the race(s). Harassment of pit stewards, or tech officials will not be tolerated. Such action WILL result in suspension. When teching a car, no one from another car will be allowed in the teching area. Only the driver of the car is allowed in tech.

16. A drivers meeting will only be called when deemed necessary. When one is called, any driver that does not attend the meeting forfeits any protest or discussion rights for the night. Any changes or news will be given out on a flyer when you sign in.

17. TRACK OFFICIALS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO DRAW FOR ANY REASON. It is not the track's responsibility to make sure you have drawn. Line-ups will be made after the draw is closed. If you have not drawn, you will run tailback in your heat. If you wish to run tailback please tell the officials at the draw. IF YOU DRAW, YOU MUST TAKE YOUR SPOT.

18. Race positions will be posted at the draw booth. It is the drivers responsibility to know his position. All races will be aligned in the pit area. Drivers will be called to line up in the designated area. Cars are to be in the correct line-up and ready to start the race before entering the track. If you miss the line-up, you will run tailback. NO HOT LAPS BETWEEN RACES!!

19. Scoring officials will only discuss procedures, finishes and points with the competing driver of a particular race. This simply means keep out of the scoring area, office and flagman's area if you have not driven in the race. The officials have the authority to disqualify a car even after the race if his or her family members, fans, owner or pit crew cause problems for them. The officials will gladly discuss anything with the DRIVER ONLY!!

20. FLAGMAN HAS COMPLETE AUTHORITY DURING THE RACE!!! This will include all calls made during a race (black flags, etc.). During a race, only the FLAGMAN makes the calls. If you or your driver has been black flagged, etc., DO NOT approach management, or officials with profanity or threaten violence. REFER TO RULE #1.

21. The pole car should start the race, however, this WILL be at a reasonable speed. It does not give them the right to keep the pace so slow that the cars behind are loaded up and about to kill their engines. Flagman may give you the pick up speed signal. If this signal is disregarded, the Flagman may start the race at any time OR put that car to the rear.

22. COURTESY RULE: Any car from another track with minor rule infractions will be allowed to race one night. However, you will be notified of any necessary changes and will have to be legal your next visit.

23. If you are suspended, you will not be able to race on the next points night for your class. Rain outs do not count toward your suspension.

24. If a car cuts through the infield "wide open", it will be counted one lap down. Stirring up dust is considered "wide open".

25. If for any reason a race is run short or long, the race is officially over when the checkered flag falls.




 1. Firesuits are mandatory in all divisions. Neckbraces are mandatory in all divisions.

 2. Helmets are mandatory in all divisions. Must have a "SNELL" RATING OF AT LEAST 85.

 3. Racing type seats are required and must be securely fastened. Shoulder harness is mandatory. A quick release harness no less than 3" wide is mandatory. This harness must be mounted in at least 5 points below the driver's shoulders. Both ends must be fastened to roll cage with quality bolts no less than 3/8" in diameter. Belts shall come from behind the driver.

 4. Fire extinguishers are mandatory. Minimum of 2 lbs. fire extinguisher must be securely mounted within reach of the driver. Extinguisher must have pressure gauge.

 5. Kill switch is required within easy reach of the driver.




 9. Any car that causes a yellow flag to be displayed must restart in the rear. After two (2) cautions on any one car, car must go to the pits.

10. No work may be done to racecar on track. No one except track officials allowed on the track or in staging area. Any person that goes onto track or enters the staging area during a racing event will be removed from track premises and will result in disqualification of their car OR car they are known in any way to be associated with.

11. If you have a flat tire, you can stop on the track to bring out a caution. When the caution is thrown, go directly to the tire changing area. You may change the tire ONLY! Any other work to the car will cause you to be disqualified. FEATURE RACE ONLY!

12. All cars must have a minimum of 3 windshield bars 5/16" in diameter, securely attached top and bottom. Cars with passengers must have windshield bars all the way across windshield opening, minimum of 6, 5/16" in diameter.

13. Roll cage for all cars must be a minimum 0.95 wall thickness, 1.5" in diameter, for main structure of cage. Must meet a safety standard. NO EXHAUST PIPE!!

14. All cars must have a minimum of 3 door bars with door plate, minimum of 18 gauge. Cars with passengers must have the same on passenger side.

15. Cars should be painted in a professional manner with the number on both sides and roof of car, a minimum of 22" is required. There will be a minimum of 8" number on fuel cell, and front right of every car.

16. Tow hooks, front and rear, are required.

17. All cars must have a firewall with no holes between the motor, the fuel tank, and the driver's compartment. Fuel lines routed through the driver's compartment must be encased in steel pipe.

18. Electric fuel pumps are prohibited.

19. If the battery is located in the driver's compartment, it shall be in a box and securely fastened.

20. Window nets are mandatory for all classes.

21. No nitrous oxide, or other oxygenated fuels allowed.

22. All cars must start under their own power. No direct drives allowed. All cars must have working reverse gear.

23. Any car endangering race conditions on the track (dragging loose parts, leaking fluids, smoking, or deliberate rough driving, etc.) will be black flagged for that race.

24. All cars and any part of a car are subject to inspection by track officials at ANY TIME.

25. Drive shaft loops are mandatory for all classes. DRIVE SHAFTS MUST BE PAINTED WHITE.

26. Any attached weights must be securely bolted to frame, and must be painted WHITE and have car number clearly printed on them. Due to the high risk factor involved, any car that loses a lead weight during any event will be disqualified for that race and may be banned from the track for the season and/or fined. Two attaching mounts are recommended. No weights may be attached to rear bumper. Ne lead pellets - no liquid weights.

27. All glass, mirrors, chrome, and flammable material must be removed from all cars.

28. All sheet metal must be securely fastened. Hoods must be kept in place at all times.

29. All cars must have working brakes, minimum of three (3).

30. With the purchase of a pit pass, each competitor or spectator agrees to all the terms and conditions set forth in this rule book.

31. Cars not signed in by 6:30 p.m. will waive their right to draw or qualify for starting positions. This means that these cars will start from the rear.

32. After three (3) wins, car will be teched thoroughly.



 1. No equipment will be considered approved by reason of having passed through inspection unobserved.

 2. If at any time there is a doubt about a part being legal for competition, YOU must prove to officials the protested part is legal.

 3. Technical protests will be made after the feature event only. Only a participant in the said race may file a technical protest. All protests must be filed immediately after the event finish. Protest must be filed with pit steward and required cash for protest presented before car leaves and goes to the Pit Area. Once car leaves perimeter of track, they are ineligible to file protest. Protest must be made in writing with SPECIFIC protest issues described accompanied by a cash protest awards and points for that event.

 4. Only the cars finishing on the lead lap and in the top five (5) are allowed to protest. No spite protests. Drivers may only protest cars that finish in FRONT of them. However, any car being protested reserves the right to protest the car making the protest. Track officials must be notified immediately. Driver will be given 15 minutes to deliver written protest with cash to a track official or the protest will be void and considered an attempted protest.

 5. Drivers are allowed two (2) attempted and/or executed technical protests per year, no more than one (1) per event.

 6. Only the person making the protest, track officials, and one person representing the protested car and their mechanic will be allowed at the tear down site. NO EXCEPTIONS! Track officials decision will be final on all protest items and no further discussion will take place.

 7. Track officials reserve the right to accept or not accept protests at their discretion.

 8. The purse for the class being protested will be held until protest decision is made by track officials.

 9. The track reserves the right to tech, spot check, or examine any car or cars or any part of a car at any time.

10. Any item found to be illegal will result in the car being disqualified for that race night and loss of prize money and points for that race.


Any point or rule not covered herein shall be decided by management at the necessary time and shall be FINAL.


The pay window is at the draw booth. It is your responsibility to collect your pay. We do not mail your pay to you. It is your responsibility to fill out a driver information sheet. You will not be paid until you do so.







The management and staff of Arkansas Motorsports Park wishes to thank each participant for their support in our effort to keep dirt track racing a competitive, fun, and safe sport for all.

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